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Course 'Telepathy
& Intuitive Development'

Marie developed this course in 2007, with advice from Master Morya. As the name suggests, the course consists of two alternating parts, each aiding and complementing the other.


In the course of a few days or sessions you will learn a specific technique for telepathy. This technique is one that Marie uses to communicate with her sister Laura, who is unable to talk. Moreover, she also uses it for telepathic contact with animals, plants, trees, the subtle being of nature, children, babies, other people…..   The amazing thing about this technique is that virtually anyone can easily learn it. 

In addition to learning this technique, we also give attention to: what is telepathy and why does it work, the correct inner attitude, ethics (when to use it and when not to), how to deal with people, learning to ask the right questions,...

Intuitive Development

Here you learn some fundamental conditions to spirituality, such as

If you manage to deal with all these aspects in a good way, intuition will naturally show up in your life!

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