Mayil Newsletter

Mayil internationally

Mayil nonprofit is active internationally, by publishing books as well as organising activities.


The first English book was published in 2003. The English version of the Mayil Newsletter first started in 2007. Two English books are currently available: Morya Wisdom 1: A Deeper Sense of Life (second impression) and Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity, and two more are on the way: Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart and Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself.

In 2012 Marie and Martine traveled to the United Kingdom to check out some distribution options and to attend the first meeting of the ‘Morya Book Club’ in London.


The first Polish newsletter went out in 2008. Since then several publications have been made available (Morya Wisdom 1; Morya Workbook; cards). Geert and Marie visited Poland in June 2011 and 2012. Continuing this tradition Marie returned to Poland in 2013. During these visits several different kinds of workshops are usually orgainized in one or more cities (Warsaw, Czestochowa, Szczecin). These projects are made possible thanks to our close cooperation with a few good friends in Poland. In 2012, Master Morya predicted that it would be through Poland that His mission would become international. 


The Mayil Newsletter also has a German edition, which began in 2011.   We are now working on the first book and several other projects.

Other languages

The website was translated in Portugese and Russian. In 2011 Marie gave one of her courses in Madrid, Spain.

Our international adventures usually follow from an invitation by people who have taken Mayil to their heart and are locally active.