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Spiritual family constellations

by Lydia Crevits

Family constellations are a really simple, modern and at the same time ancient way of gaining insight in the workings of family systems and how these exercice their influence on your own life. Family constellations reveal a number of laws that will have negative effects if we don't respect them, such as:

“True spirituality is the search for harmony”, says Master Morya, and this search will not break these ‘laws of love’ because spirituality searches for harmony on every level, on the level of the world as well as on the level of blood ties. 

The technique of family constellations allows the soul to offer solutions for problems to which, on the personal level, no solutions can be found. In spiritual family constellations we will call on Angels or Gods for help in difficult and unyielding situations.

Even by just being present during a session being conducted for someone else, you learn to see, know and/or better understand the laws of family ties and, with this new understanding, you will be saying the right things and refraining from doing the wrong things in your daily life. 

At present, Lydia only conducts family constellations locally, in Belgium.


Master Morya on spiritual family constellations

"When you live from your heart, with your own love and with the energy of this love, you can be in solidarity with people all over the world. You can have contacts with people all over the world who have the same aspiration as you. This way of living belongs to the ‘New Age’; it is a betterment, a change, and an unfolding of possibilities for people on a totally new level. Communication throughout the world suddenly becomes real and essential and gains a radiance whose brilliance crosses over borders.  It’s possible that in the New Age people will easily be able to communicate with one another and will eventually learn to communicate in other ways, because they have the understanding that: ‘these particular contacts have this particular significance.’ This can take place at some later time, and for this there are other techniques and other mechanisms.

For people who don’t understand this, it may seem as if I am speaking somewhat disrespectfully here, for it isn’t so much about a technique as it is about the power of love itself.  But in its working it uses a particularly simple movement, and I call this a ‘technique’. 

It isn’t complicated, not at all; it happens when you are in concentration and in a simple motion of: ‘this is my love for you.’ If you can construct it in this way, you can have this contact. It’s that simple, but you must have a correct understanding of what love really is.  Love isn’t sentimentality, it also isn’t something that is simply given to you.  It is actually a conquest you make in life by trying to live with love every single day of your life.  By being loving the energy grows sufficiently so that the image can be passed on and the radiant brilliance of your own being can be transported to someone else’s life. 

When you are loving towards other people, your own radiance grows and you are then in a state to have such contacts with each other.  It is really worthwhile trying to do this. (Morya Wisdom 7, chapter 6)