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Master Morya

Most of the insightful wisdom that Mayil hopes to disseminate comes from Master Morya (through telepathic contact with Geert Crevits).  Master Morya is a ‘Master of Wisdom’, someone who has walked the entirety of the spiritual path and so, by his own experience, knows it from start to finish. Having become one with the divine love and knowledge, Master Morya wants to help people progress and realize themselves in freedom, consciousness and joy.

Master Morya’s message is up-to-date, subtly nuanced, universal and positive.

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Master Morya

"... Because the experience of life lies enclosed within you. The experience of what is true, what is real, is a part of your soul.  This soul experience, which lies enclosed within you and which is brought to expression in your life, is the goal of your existence.

It is an expansion of consciousness, by which you can be happy with these moments, because you know they can never leave you. It also enables you to understand others. There isn't a gulf between you and the other. There isn't a gulf between you and Me. We can understand each other: you can understand Me, and I you.

This is because the Divinity is present in Me as well as in you, which is why such a great interchange is possible. This also offers you the possibility to learn to know yourself. I also know Myself only in part, because even though I am provided with infinite possibilities, there are yet things I cannot understand. There is an evolution for you and an evolution for Me. An evolution never comes to a standstill; it is a never-ending process. We can move in every direction, make discoveries in all directions, and advance forward.

There never comes an end to discoveries, but it should never become a burden. The journey should be a joyful one. Learn to evolve with joy and also learn to give joy a place in your heart. This is something I will always stress: It is really necessary for people to step out of the daily grind in order to be able to experience joy and be in a state to keep going further in the discovery of the lives. 

Because once you have discovered your own life, you will, indeed, notice the presence of infinity there, and know that you can always go further."

(from Morya Wisdom book 8, chapter 11)